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Do home security / alarm systems actually help prevent crime?

Well, according to a five year study conducted at Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, the answer is YES! The study states that residential alarm systems do contribute to decreased crime in neighborhoods. In addition, the study notes that the deterrent effect of alarms can be felt across neighborhoods. "Neighborhoods in which burglar alarms are densely installed have fewer incidents of residential burglaries than the neighborhoods with fewer alarms," wrote study author Dr. Seungmug Lee. Contact us for a FREE Security Evaluation. 828-273-1657 or

Surveillance cameras help police solve cases

"West Seneca police nabbed a registered sex offender for indecent exposure after releasing a photo taken by a Wegmans store. Buffalo police arrested a woman suspected of stealing purses from area churches after releasing a photo taken from a gas station's security camera. Tonawanda police charged a man with bank robbery after releasing a photo from the bank's security camera. No doubt about it, there are more of these cameras in retail stores, banks, fast-food restaurants and grocery stores today, making it more likely investigators will find a useful image. And just as important, the images are no longer blurred or grainy. "Nothing beats a good picture," said Amherst Assistant Police Chief Timothy M. Green." Read the complete article here

Web Site Aids in Solving Crimes

A new Web site aims to give regular citizens the ability to fight back against crime. Edmond businessman Paul Conrady has just launched a Web site called The site allows individuals to post videos, police reports or any information they have on a crime. There is tons of surveillance video of crimes that never make the news, but this site aims to put them all in one place. Click the link below for the complete story:

Eye on Video: Strategies for upgrading analog surveillance systems

Of the estimated 40 million surveillance cameras installed around the world today, approximately 95 percent of them are analog. Considering that the average lifespan of those cameras is five to seven years, much of that technology is still in good working condition. So for businesses considering an upgrade to newer network technology, there are sound fiscal reasons for wanting to incorporate existing analog cameras in their migration strategy. CLICK HERE to continue reading

What are the benefits of owning a Video Surveillance System?

A recently released article describes some of the top reasons for investing in a video surveillance system. "In addition to catching criminals, a well-designed system offers countless benefits that will protect your assets, result in a safer environment, and help you more effectively manage your business or home. Here are 11 ways your video security system will pay for itself: 1. Deter Criminals One of the primary benefits of a video security system is to deter a criminal act from ever happening. Well placed cameras will give would-be criminals reason for pause, or send them looking for locations less prepared. 2. Prevent Theft According to recent retail industry studies, the average small business loses $50k per year… And given the current economic conditions and ease at which criminals can move stolen products, risk of both internal and external theft has skyrocketed. It’s proven that a simple video security system can easily cut that figure in half. 3. Improve Productivity Work

How insurance fraud is costing businesses AND consumers

Don't become a victim. Make sure your business has a video surveillance system to help prevent insurance fraud. Are you unsure if a video surveillance system would help your business? Just take a look at the story/video below.