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Copper thieves targeting business air conditioning units

A surveillance system combined with our Virtual Guard / Police Priority service will help protect your business from the destruction caused by copper thieves. Call us for a FREE site survey and let us help protect you from becoming the subject of an article like the one below. By George Diepenbrock August 15, 2010 One of Brenda Wilch’s instructors at the Lawrence Jazzercise Center called her earlier this month. It was 87 degrees inside the fitness center and getting warmer as the summer heat promised to increase outside at the strip mall, 3115 W. Sixth St. Wilch, who’s owned the business since July 1, asked her maintenance man to work on the two units in the alley. “They arrived. We looked outside and realized that one unit had been completely dismantled,” Wilch said. “The other unit was in pieces.” Thieves had been after the copper wire in the units. Since July 30, Lawrence police have taken reports of five other similar crimes. Sgt. Matt Sarna, a Lawr

Gotcha! The Surveillance Power of Video Analytics,

The potential to reliably detect intruders, criminals and terrorists by analyzing CCTV video without human intervention: That’s the power of video analytics. by James Careless It is a specialized form of software that can decide whether or not something is amiss with what the surveillance camera is seeing—Is that a person trying to climb the fence?—and decide whether or not to alert the system’s human monitors. In doing so, video analytics technology eliminates the mind-numbing aspect of human surveillance; namely having to watch numerous camera feeds in real-time, when nothing is occurring with most of them. “Today’s intrusion detection systems often have hundreds of cameras; some have thousands,” says Steve Vinsik, vice president for critical infrastructure protection with Unisys Federal Systems. “A human can only watch so many video feeds at one time, and it is extremely fatiguing to the viewer when nothing is happening in most of them. Video analytics takes this job away, allowing

The Advantages of MegaPixel

Megapixel cameras have been one of most significant advancements for video security in recent history, and have permanently changed how professionals think about their video surveillance solutions. There are several key advantages made possible by megapixel technology, including: 1. Ultra High Resolutions The image resolution delivered by a megapixel camera is at least 3x higher than that of a traditional analog CCTV camera. Higher resolution provides greater detail. Greater detail allows for better identification. 2. Forensic Inspection When reviewing live or recorded video, megapixel cameras allow you to digitally zoom in on a specific area, with minimal loss of definition, to capture important details such as facial features or a license plate. 3. REDUCED Costs Megapixel technology allows you to use fewer cameras to capture the level of detail your solution requires, greatly reducing both camera and installation costs. 4. PTZ Alternative Before megapixel, video scan