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Summer Home Security Tips

The Home Safety Council offers tips to keep your home safe this summer. Turn Up the Lights •Put bright lights over porches and walkways in the front and back. Lock It Up •All doors to the outside should have working locks. •Garage and shed doors need working locks too. •All windows should have working locks. •Keep all doors to the outside, sliding doors, and windows locked. Be Able to Get Out •Make sure everyone can open all locks from inside your home. •Don't have deadbolt locks that lock with an inside key. You need to get out fast if a fire starts. A missing key could trap you inside. •Replace inside-key locks with deadbolt locks that have a “thumb turn” instead of an indoor key. •Make sure everyone in your family can reach the “thumb turn” latch. •Have window locks that open from inside. Do not nail windows shut. Make sure they open easily. •If you have security bars on doors and windows, have a “quick-release” latch. This makes it easy to get outsid

Protecting Profits with Video Surveillance

Prominently placed security cameras can help deter potential thieves and identify those who do steal. A store cashier pockets the $20 bill that a busy commuter hands him to pay for fuel. A shopper picks up a tube of lip balm and casually drops it into her purse. A customer slips on a wet floor next to a “caution” sign, but his attorney later claims no such signs were at the scene. These incidents occur in retail establishments on a regular basis. For years, convenience store operators relied on analog video surveillance to discourage employee theft, deter crime and record store activity, but traditional analog cameras typically provide blurry, unclear images. That drawback can prevent a retailer from actually using a recording to solve a problem or provide prosecutable evidence in a criminal case. Thanks to the Internet, store operators concerned about shrink, shortage and safety now have the ability to videotape all in-store activities, plus monitor their outlets in real time fr

ATTENTION Asheville area jewelry stores and pawn shops

Unfortunately, jewelry stores and pawn shops in the Asheville area have become a prime target for thieves (watch video/read story here) . Would you like to make sure you have the latest protection against teft? Help put a stop to it NOW with the Virtual Guard Protection System from A traditional CCTV system that only records may be good for reviewing a crime but it is not that beneficial in notification of a crime in progress. Our system will allow you to do both!! It's a normal CCTV recording system during the day and a Virtual Guard at night! It is critical that law enforcement is notified immediately, WHILE the crime is in progress, in order to apprehend the criminal and prevent further damage or loss. The Virtual Guard Service ultimately saves you money (ROI in the first year)! It is like having full-time hired guards but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, our system works 24/7, never takes a break, never falls asleep, doesn

Are security cameras secure? What experts say you should do to - KOAM TV 7 Joplin and Pittsburg

Who is watching you or your family in the privacy of your own home? If you are using an "over the counter" security camera, it may not be that secure. Read the full story below. Are security cameras secure? What experts say you should do to - KOAM TV 7 Joplin and Pittsburg can provide you with a state of the art SECURE video surveillance system. Contact us today for a free site survey.

CCTV 'a very valuable tool' in the fight against internal theft

Video surveillance systems can play a very valuable role in tackling internal theft within businesses, according to one expert. Tom Reeve, editor of, said CCTV in the workplace can prevent such crimes from occurring and provide evidence if they do. "Internal theft continues to be a big, intractable problem," he remarked. "But if you've got good CCTV systems in place and employees know that, that can be very valuable as a deterrent." He added: "If it doesn't deter them, if you catch the few people that are committing most of the crimes you can reduce your losses considerably just by getting the evidence you need against a couple of people." However, Mr Reeve insisted that businesses should not rely on CCTV cameras as the first line of defence against internal theft and other instances of crime. He said they should instead provide an extra layer of protection on top of perimeter security and internal measures such as locks

Childcare center hopes to rebound from false abuse charges

Luckily this childcare facility had a video surveillance system in place which helped to dispute an abuse charge. Read the full story here . Is your childcare facility protected? If not, you owe it to yourself and to your clients - invest in a high quality digital surveillance system. Contact for a free site survey. In addition, maintains a secure portal which allows your clients to login and view select cameras. As a bonus, we handle any technical issues directly with your clients saving you valuable time. Offering this service to your clients also helps to generate additional revenue for YOUR business. Most customers are able to quickly recoup their initial investment and actually turn their video surveillance system into a means of generating additional profit! Contact us for more details. 828-273-1657 or

Slip-and-Fall Scams

CBS News reports on the growing "slip and fall" scam. Is your business protected? Well, if you do not have a high quality digital surveillance system, the answer is no. More than ever, people who slip and fall in public establishments are turning out to be fraudulent. Sharyl Attkisson reports on one of the fastest-growing scams in the U.S. View the video by clicking here.

Staying secure - Home systems help protect against dangers

By Rick Moon Posted: Jan. 15, 2011 8:00 a.m. Katie Duelge figures that her New Berlin neighborhood is safe. The streets are quiet. Neighbors watch out for each other. Crime is almost non-existent. Still, she’s not taking any chances. Duelge added a security system to her home this past summer. It’s an extra layer of protection. One can never be too safe, she reasoned. Click here to read the full story