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CCTV 'a very valuable tool' in the fight against internal theft

Video surveillance systems can play a very valuable role in tackling internal theft within businesses, according to one expert.
Tom Reeve, editor of, said CCTV in the workplace can prevent such crimes from occurring and provide evidence if they do.
"Internal theft continues to be a big, intractable problem," he remarked.
"But if you've got good CCTV systems in place and employees know that, that can be very valuable as a deterrent."
He added: "If it doesn't deter them, if you catch the few people that are committing most of the crimes you can reduce your losses considerably just by getting the evidence you need against a couple of people."
However, Mr Reeve insisted that businesses should not rely on CCTV cameras as the first line of defence against internal theft and other instances of crime.
He said they should instead provide an extra layer of protection on top of perimeter security and internal measures such as locks and access control systems.
Posted by Roger Isaacson

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