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Lock in these tips to burglar-proof your home

On the House
Saturday, April 24, 2010
By James and Morris Carey, The Associated Press
When we were kids the milkman delivered milk bottles to our door-step. A produce truck stopped in front of our home at least twice a week. It was always loaded with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Best of all, we never found it necessary to lock our front door. Friends and family would knock and then walk in, "Hello, are you there?"
Things have changed. Today, leaving a door unlocked can be dangerous. The need for home security has become a necessary part of our lives. Last year, more than 4 million residences were burglarized. Folks with home security systems are 15 times less apt to be burglarized than families without them. Doors are the first place that burglars try. So, invest in strong doors with even stronger locks. Don't rely on a latch that can be opened with a knife or credit card.

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