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What motivates and deters burglars?

A researcher led a study to take a look into the minds of burglars, providing insight into their motivations and methods.
The team gathered survey responses from more than 400 convicted offenders.
UNC Charlotte researcher Joseph Kuhns said that the study helps to understand gender differences in offending motivations and techniques.
He said that by asking the burglars what motivates and what deters them, the team believes that this research can help people better understand how to protect themselves against these crimes and help Law enforcement more effectively respond.
The findings of the study were, when selecting a target, most burglars said that they considered the close proximity of other people - including traffic, people in the house or business, and police officers; the lack of escape routes; and signs of increased security - including alarm signs, alarms, dogs inside, and outdoor cameras or other surveillance equipment.
About 83 percent said that they would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary, and 60 percent said that they would seek an alternative target if there was an alarm on-site. This was particularly true among the subset of burglars who were more likely to spend time deliberately and carefully planning a burglary.

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