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Arming Homes With The Best Security Technologies

Home security technologies are getting advanced with every passing day.

Written By: Amy Morin

Home security is big business in today's world.
About 2 million homes are burglarized each year in the United States, according to statistics from the FBI. Homes without a security system are 300 times more likely to become burglarized, but only about 17 percent of homes have a home security system.
A home security system can help reduce a family's likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary.
However, thieves are getting smarter. They're figuring out how to disable alarm systems and how to get around security systems without getting caught.
Therefore, it's more important than ever for home security companies to offer customers the newest technology that will protect their homes.
Staying one step ahead of the thieves is essential to the safety of homeowners.
Cash and Smash Protection
Unfortunately, many thieves have discovered that the easiest way to burglarize a home is to smash the alarm system upon entry. Smashing the alarm system prior to the alarm going off disables the alarm in most cases.
"Crash and smash protection" means there is a second sensor in the home. If the original control panel is smashed, a signal is sent to the monitoring station from the second sensor.  Alarm tampering protection is an essential feature that can truly protect a home.
Wireless and Cellular Equipment
Many security companies use a wireless connection between the sensor and the control panel in a home security system. However, a few companies are now offering a cellular connection in addition to the wireless connection.
The reason a cellular connection is important is that it serves as a backup for the wireless connection. A wireless connection requires an internet connection. If a thief can disable the homeowner's internet, the security system doesn't work.
When there's a backup cellular connection, the alarm doesn't rely on an internet connection. If the internet is down, the cellular connection will still allow the sensor and the panel to communicate if there's a break-in.
Remote Security
Many homeowners appreciate being able to receive alerts about their home security on their smartphone or computer. For example, homeowners can sign up to be notified whenever their garage door is opened or whenever their front door is unlocked.
Some security companies are integrating more options that allow homeowners to remotely control other aspects of their home.
For example, homeowners can control lighting remotely. If they aren't going to be home but want to make it appear that they are, they can use their smartphone to turn on the lights.
Homeowners can also control locks remotely. If a child arrives home and doesn't have a key, a parent can use a smartphone to unlock the door. These conveniences allow homeowners an added level of security.
Homeowners look for home security systems that will give them peace of mind.
Homeowners are often willing to pay higher prices for added security features that truly make them feel secure, a secure feeling that involves a big dose of technology.
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