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Arming Homes With The Best Security Technologies

Home security technologies are getting advanced with every passing day. Written By: Amy Morin Home security is big business in today's world. About 2 million homes are burglarized each year in the United States, according to statistics from the FBI . Homes without a security system are 300 times more likely to become burglarized, but only about 17 percent of homes have a home security system. A home security system can help reduce a family's likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary. However, thieves are getting smarter. They're figuring out how to disable alarm systems and how to get around security systems without getting caught. Therefore, it's more important than ever for home security companies to offer customers the newest technology that will protect their homes. Staying one step ahead of the thieves is essential to the safety of homeowners.   Cash and Smash Protection Unfortunately, many thieves have discovered that the easiest way

Five simple tips for finding the right security cameras for your business

Finding the best value security camera is not a question of simply comparing price tags, but also determining the necessary features. Many companies pay for features they do not need, or purchase the least expensive cameras that don’t have the necessary features. Security expert George Laegeler offers five key tips to finding the right security camera for your needs.   Tip 1 It is essential to ensure that a camera offers the level of visual resolution that a business requires. A common and costly mistake is for businesses to select inexpensive cameras only to find that they do not provide the visual resolution necessary to meet specific needs. Alternatively, purchasing cameras with more resolution than required can be a wasted expense. Megapixel cameras provide significantly better visual performance than analog technologies. Be sure your security provider can give you informed insight on how much visual resolution you need for your specific application.   Tip 2 Click here