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Inside Insurance: Don't let the burglars know about your new stuff -

By David Colmans The classic Charles Dickens story, “A Tale of Two Cities,” starts out with the words, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” So it is when the holidays roll around and we may throw caution to the wind. Just drive through most any neighborhood from “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving through the Super Bowl next year. What to your wandering eyes should appear, but little invitations to area burglars who now know where to find all the good stuff. There’s one or two days a week that the bad guys eagerly wait for. It’s the “Come Burglarize My House” sign that may be in your yard. The day before and the day of trash pick-up are great for cruising. That’s when most of us put out, along with our regular trash, the empty boxes from the new HDTVs, computers, appliances and other goodies we buy ourselves during the holidays. Here is something to think about to help with home safety precautions. 1. The bad guys just make notes of the addresses where they see the empt

Home can be place for crime during holidays

THE ISSUE: Burglaries OUR OPINION: Christmas is time of vulnerability The shopping season has begun in earnest. Advice is frequent on caution while shopping. Don't become the victim of a robbery as you're scurrying about stores, malls and parking lots. But what about your home? Click here to read the entire story

10 Holiday Security Tips For Retailers

While analysts are cautiously optimistic about this year's holiday retail outlook, retailers need to take steps to prevent shoplifters or a dishonest employee from dampening a good selling season. Below is a list to help retailers protect their businesses this holiday season: 1. Make sure your video surveillance system is working properly. It may have been a while since you looked closely at your video surveillance system and confirmed that it was capturing images properly. Check to see that the cameras are still positioned to give you optimal coverage. Make sure the system’s digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) is plugged in! Also make sure you have a UPS in place and that it has been tested. 2. Verify that your holiday decorations and displays do not obstruct your security systems. Watch out for decorations and displays that may obstruct video cameras or set off motion sensors. Mylar balloons are notorious for causing false alarms. 3. Test your hol

10 Tips To Keep Your Home And Family Safe

October is National Crime Prevention Month and is a time when communities across the country raise awareness about crime and what can be done to help prevent it. Did you know that in any given year, property crimes -- including burglary -- outnumber violent crimes almost 8 to 1? And statistics show that a burglar will spend 45 minutes deciding which home is going to be his next target but only three minutes actually burglarizing the residence. With this in mind, the security experts at Schlage have come up with a Top 10 list of things you can do help to keep your family and home from becoming crime targets. 1. Make sure each exterior door has a solid core and is protected by a high-quality deadbolt, including the door linking the garage and house. Also, secure all windows with quality locks -- even those on the second floor. 2. Invest in a home-security system with central monitoring, and if you move into a home that already has a security system, change the entry code. 3. Keep

ATTENTION Asheville area auto dealers.

Are you having problems with the theft of catalytic converters, vandalism - or do you have even bigger problems such as this dealer in California (watch video here) ? Put a stop to it NOW with the Virtual Guard Protection System from A traditional CCTV system that only records may be good for reviewing a crime but it is not that beneficial in notification of a crime in progress. Our system will allow you to do both!! It's a normal CCTV recording system during the day and a Virtual Guard at night! It is critical that law enforcement is notified immediately, WHILE the crime is in progress, in order to apprehend the criminal and prevent further damage or loss. The Virtual Guard Service ultimately saves you money (ROI in the first year)! It is like having full-time hired guards but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, our system works 24/7, never takes a break, never falls asleep, doesn't need a vacation, never asks for a raise and ne

Security Cameras Foil Ohio Heist

"Everybody knows that a security camera system, even if it is only made up of one camera, can be one of the most useful tools you can have as a business owner. A security camera system can catch criminals in the act, deter criminals from attempting a crime, or even catch dishonest employees. One such case of a security camera system catching a thieving employee comes from Akron, Ohio. Willie Grimes, a 22-year-old resident of Akron, has recently been charged with theft. According to police, Grimes was caught stealing from a Chapel Hill shoe store where he was employed. When the owner of the store Grimes worked for caught him trying to take two pairs of shoes out of the store, he immediately fired him. The owner examined security footage from past days and found that Grimes had been smuggling shoes out of the store for quite some time. Grimes would hide the shoes in trash bags that he would take out back to the trash can and then hide the empty shoe boxes in the rafters of the

City Council Approves New Surveillance Camera in Downtown Greenville, Plus More Officer Training

Greenville County Council unanimously approved an ordinance that will help residents and visitors of downtown Greenville sleep a little easier at night and enjoy their visit a little more. Greenville police say the surveillance cameras in downtown Greenville have been instrumental in helping them catch criminals and the goal of adding a new one is expected to do the same. Lt. Joe Browning with the Greenville police department says, "Having those cameras there makes some folks think twice before they knock out a window." Most recently the surveillance cameras in downtown Greenville were key in catching the suspects who investigators say vandalized a brick statue on Main Street. Lt. Browning says, "We had a new statue installed just below the Greenville news and some individuals decided to vandalize that statue by removing the head. We were able to go back and get video footage of the actual crime, the vehicle they were driving and it didn't take us long to sol

Copper thieves targeting business air conditioning units

A surveillance system combined with our Virtual Guard / Police Priority service will help protect your business from the destruction caused by copper thieves. Call us for a FREE site survey and let us help protect you from becoming the subject of an article like the one below. By George Diepenbrock August 15, 2010 One of Brenda Wilch’s instructors at the Lawrence Jazzercise Center called her earlier this month. It was 87 degrees inside the fitness center and getting warmer as the summer heat promised to increase outside at the strip mall, 3115 W. Sixth St. Wilch, who’s owned the business since July 1, asked her maintenance man to work on the two units in the alley. “They arrived. We looked outside and realized that one unit had been completely dismantled,” Wilch said. “The other unit was in pieces.” Thieves had been after the copper wire in the units. Since July 30, Lawrence police have taken reports of five other similar crimes. Sgt. Matt Sarna, a Lawr

Gotcha! The Surveillance Power of Video Analytics,

The potential to reliably detect intruders, criminals and terrorists by analyzing CCTV video without human intervention: That’s the power of video analytics. by James Careless It is a specialized form of software that can decide whether or not something is amiss with what the surveillance camera is seeing—Is that a person trying to climb the fence?—and decide whether or not to alert the system’s human monitors. In doing so, video analytics technology eliminates the mind-numbing aspect of human surveillance; namely having to watch numerous camera feeds in real-time, when nothing is occurring with most of them. “Today’s intrusion detection systems often have hundreds of cameras; some have thousands,” says Steve Vinsik, vice president for critical infrastructure protection with Unisys Federal Systems. “A human can only watch so many video feeds at one time, and it is extremely fatiguing to the viewer when nothing is happening in most of them. Video analytics takes this job away, allowing

The Advantages of MegaPixel

Megapixel cameras have been one of most significant advancements for video security in recent history, and have permanently changed how professionals think about their video surveillance solutions. There are several key advantages made possible by megapixel technology, including: 1. Ultra High Resolutions The image resolution delivered by a megapixel camera is at least 3x higher than that of a traditional analog CCTV camera. Higher resolution provides greater detail. Greater detail allows for better identification. 2. Forensic Inspection When reviewing live or recorded video, megapixel cameras allow you to digitally zoom in on a specific area, with minimal loss of definition, to capture important details such as facial features or a license plate. 3. REDUCED Costs Megapixel technology allows you to use fewer cameras to capture the level of detail your solution requires, greatly reducing both camera and installation costs. 4. PTZ Alternative Before megapixel, video scan

Day / Night Cameras - The Best of Both Worlds

A Quick Background Color and black and white cameras both have their unique strengths for surveillance needs. Color cameras have the obvious benefit of providing the detail of…color. Being able to record the color of a suspect’s skin tone, clothing, or vehicle is beyond import – it can truly make the difference between solving the crime and the bad guy going free. In order for color cameras to accurately produce colors, during manufacturing an IR cut filter is placed over the imager. The cut filter allows the camera to only see light in the visible spectrum (400nm to 750nm). Consequently, color cameras fall short when it comes to producing usable images in low light scenarios. Conversely, black and white cameras don’t use an IR cut filter because they do not need to see color. With the absence of this filter, B&W cameras can make use of other light frequencies – such as infrared – which come from a variety of sources, including the sun, fluorescent lights, incandescent lights a

Access Control Systems: Yes in 1 Second

Have the idea of buying and using access control systems ever arrived at your mind? Take into consideration these instances, when the family goes on a long weekend holiday and no one is left at home, are you sure of the safety of your home? Moreover, at work when all of the workers went home for the night and you just have one guard for a 1 hectare facility, are you comfortable with the security? Well, if it took you about 3 seconds to reply to "no", you ought to consider adding a advance type of access control system. It is to remove that doubt in your mind in terms of the safety and security of your house and your workplace. Click here to read the full story.

Is cryptography the future of physical access control?

Most people don’t think much about opening doors: insert key, turn knob and walk in. If your workplace issues ID badges there may be a bit more thought that goes into it as you tap the badge on a sensor, hear the click and pull open the door. But physical access systems are undergoing the most radical transformation since the switch from keys to cards and tumblers to electronics. To the end user very little should change–there may be an increase in the use of biometrics–but most individuals will still simply tap the ID and go. Click here to read the full story

Does Your Security System Actually Catch Intruders? - Online Exclusives - Security Magazine

Does Your Security System Actually Catch Intruders? - Online Exclusives - Security Magazine With technology constantly improving, do you feel you are changing anything to better protect your property, business, or most cherished assets? One of the first technology solutions was the burglar alarm system and then came along CCTV to allow for the recording of video data. Connecting CCTV to the internet has opened up numerous valuable capabilities but what are you doing to take advantage of it. Traditionally, video analytics and intrusion detection track the amount of pixel changes on a camera to detect motion. By changing parameters and masking continuously moving motion, the control center can vary the amount of alarm triggers. The next generation of video monitoring centers have been able to integrate this technology with live trained operators to effectively evaluate every motion event and separate positive motion from false motion to determine whether to dispatch police or move on t

Home Security Tips When Selling Your House

"...Install a home security system. Home security cameras and a home alarm system are great selling points. Install these way ahead of time for security purposes. During showings carry a remote control for your alarm system that has a panic button and can alert law enforcement if you run into trouble." Read the full story here: ExpertClick News Release: Home Security Tips When Selling Your House

Lock in these tips to burglar-proof your home

On the House Saturday, April 24, 2010 By James and Morris Carey, The Associated Press When we were kids the milkman delivered milk bottles to our door-step. A produce truck stopped in front of our home at least twice a week. It was always loaded with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Best of all, we never found it necessary to lock our front door. Friends and family would knock and then walk in, "Hello, are you there?" Things have changed. Today, leaving a door unlocked can be dangerous. The need for home security has become a necessary part of our lives. Last year, more than 4 million residences were burglarized. Folks with home security systems are 15 times less apt to be burglarized than families without them. Doors are the first place that burglars try. So, invest in strong doors with even stronger locks. Don't rely on a latch that can be opened with a knife or credit card. Read the complete story here

10 Things You Need to Know about IR Cameras

When looking for surveillance cameras, here are some of the top reasons to consider infrared: 1. Perfect for covert applications . Infrared illumination is in a frequency range beyond what the human eye is capable of registering as light. Conversely, most video cameras perceive infrared light just as they would any other type of light. So if your goal is to catch a bad guy in the act – and they usually strike in the darkness, then infrared is an invaluable tool to obtain irrefutable evidence of a suspect who believes he is not being watched. 2. Never get left in the dark . The day/night capability of IR cameras provide the best of both worlds, delivering vibrant color images during the day and high resolution b/w images at night. 3. Save on energy costs . Video cameras equipped with IR capabilities typically use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to produce infrared illumination. In comparison to incandescent lighting (normal light bulb), LEDs use 80% or less energy while still producing

Are you looking for an inconspicuous security camera?

Dome cameras can be the perfect choice for retail, medical, commercial, and residential applications that require a highly effective security solution while also maintaining aesthetics. Dome cameras come in a multitude of configurations such as vandal proof, day/night, wide dynamic range (WDR), infrared (IR), and even Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ). Their versatility allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors. Some dome camera housings can even be painted in order to match its environment. Another benefit is the ability to mount the cameras both vertically and horizontally. In addition, dome cameras can be configured with a smoked cover which makes it much more difficult for a criminal to determine which direction the camera is pointing - a feature other cameras styles cannot offer. So if you are looking for an inconspicuous security camera solution that will blend in with your existing decor, you may want to take a look at a dome style camera.

Facebook posting may have led to burglary

Kerri McMullen didn’t think twice before posting a note on her Facebook page Saturday telling friends that she and her fiancĂ© were about to leave their Floyd County home to hear a band play at the Phoenix Hill Tavern. But when fiancĂ© Kurt Pendleton returned from the concert ahead of McMullen, he discovered that their Lucy Drive home had been burglarized. Thieves took a plasma screen TV, two laptop computers, videogames, jewelry and more. Thank goodness they had a video surveillance system. Click here to read the full story.

What a burglar doesn't want you to know

Things that a burglar won't tell you: “Thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While in there I unlatched the window to make my return a little easier.” “Pretty flowers mean you have taste and nice things may be inside.” “The toys your kids leave out make me wonder what type of gaming system they have.” “If it snows while you’re away, get a neighbor to create car and foot tracks toward and around the house. Untouched snowdrifts are a dead giveaway as are piled-up newspapers.” “If you have glass in your front door, make sure an alarm system keypad is installed out of sight.” “A good security installation includes motion detectors at the window over a sink and those on the second floor that access bedrooms where all the good stuff is.” “It’s raining, you fumble with an umbrella and forget to lock your door. I don’t take a day off in bad weather.” “I always knock first. If you answer, I’ll ask for directions or offer to clean y

Are you considering an IP based Surveillance System? Well, here are the top 10 Reasons You Should Consider IP - plus 4 Bonus Reasons!

1.Easy to Use - Can you use a computer mouse? If so then you can use IP video. IP video systems have easy to use menus that can make first-timers look like experts. 2.Higher Resolution - IP cameras are digital end to end, and use progressive scanning to make full use of camera imagers - providing up to 25% more resolution than analog cameras with similar imagers. IP is also available with Megapixel cameras, delivering super-high resolution images with 30 frames per second of real-time video. 3.Lower Cable Cost - Analog cameras can require up to three cables - video, audio, and power - for each and every camera. IP cameras can transmit all three (and more) on a single network cable. Even better - cable is less expensive, a single cable can handle 4-8 or more cameras, and network cable is probably already wired throughout your building. That results in significant savings - especially considering the cost of copper these days. 4.Future Proof - Like computer devices and programs, IP ge

Tip For Saving Money On Homeowner's Insurance

Everyone likes the thought of saving money. What could be better than saving money while also providing peace of mind for your family? Insurance companies really like seeing that a home is protected from risk, so burglar alarms and home security / surveillance systems will generate a discount in most cases. Usually your insurance company will require proof that an alarm / surveillance system was professionally installed and that a monitoring and/or service contract is in place. The amount of savings can vary between insurance companies, however, in the Asheville area discounts have been around 15%. Check with your insurance company to see what discount they provide and then give us a call, send us an email, or visit our site to schedule a FREE security site survey and estimate.

Do home security / alarm systems actually help prevent crime?

Well, according to a five year study conducted at Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, the answer is YES! The study states that residential alarm systems do contribute to decreased crime in neighborhoods. In addition, the study notes that the deterrent effect of alarms can be felt across neighborhoods. "Neighborhoods in which burglar alarms are densely installed have fewer incidents of residential burglaries than the neighborhoods with fewer alarms," wrote study author Dr. Seungmug Lee. Contact us for a FREE Security Evaluation. 828-273-1657 or

Surveillance cameras help police solve cases

"West Seneca police nabbed a registered sex offender for indecent exposure after releasing a photo taken by a Wegmans store. Buffalo police arrested a woman suspected of stealing purses from area churches after releasing a photo taken from a gas station's security camera. Tonawanda police charged a man with bank robbery after releasing a photo from the bank's security camera. No doubt about it, there are more of these cameras in retail stores, banks, fast-food restaurants and grocery stores today, making it more likely investigators will find a useful image. And just as important, the images are no longer blurred or grainy. "Nothing beats a good picture," said Amherst Assistant Police Chief Timothy M. Green." Read the complete article here

Web Site Aids in Solving Crimes

A new Web site aims to give regular citizens the ability to fight back against crime. Edmond businessman Paul Conrady has just launched a Web site called The site allows individuals to post videos, police reports or any information they have on a crime. There is tons of surveillance video of crimes that never make the news, but this site aims to put them all in one place. Click the link below for the complete story:

Eye on Video: Strategies for upgrading analog surveillance systems

Of the estimated 40 million surveillance cameras installed around the world today, approximately 95 percent of them are analog. Considering that the average lifespan of those cameras is five to seven years, much of that technology is still in good working condition. So for businesses considering an upgrade to newer network technology, there are sound fiscal reasons for wanting to incorporate existing analog cameras in their migration strategy. CLICK HERE to continue reading

What are the benefits of owning a Video Surveillance System?

A recently released article describes some of the top reasons for investing in a video surveillance system. "In addition to catching criminals, a well-designed system offers countless benefits that will protect your assets, result in a safer environment, and help you more effectively manage your business or home. Here are 11 ways your video security system will pay for itself: 1. Deter Criminals One of the primary benefits of a video security system is to deter a criminal act from ever happening. Well placed cameras will give would-be criminals reason for pause, or send them looking for locations less prepared. 2. Prevent Theft According to recent retail industry studies, the average small business loses $50k per year… And given the current economic conditions and ease at which criminals can move stolen products, risk of both internal and external theft has skyrocketed. It’s proven that a simple video security system can easily cut that figure in half. 3. Improve Productivity Work

How insurance fraud is costing businesses AND consumers

Don't become a victim. Make sure your business has a video surveillance system to help prevent insurance fraud. Are you unsure if a video surveillance system would help your business? Just take a look at the story/video below.